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Why is masturbation good for you

Why is masturbation good for you?

Ok so when was the last time you heard this – masturbation will make me blind!  Or masturbation is no good for me at all!

Let’s try to dispel a few myths right from the start! Masturbation is fine. You won’t go blind and its very much part of being a human being.

When you masturbate you begin to learn all about your body, through touch and feel and it is a great way to learn just how to pleasure yourself.

Now even though this article is primarily about men’s issues, masturbation amongst males and females is very common and highly acceptable.

So let’s look at all the benefits of masturbation and hopefully we can learn from this and at the same time benefit.

Masturbation just before sleep –

A lot of people find great comfort from masturbating just before falling asleep. The feeling of coming and achieving an orgasm puts your body and soul into a relaxed mode and hence puts you into a deep sleep.

Masturbating too much?

There is no such thing! Studies have shown that unless you are causing yourself a lot of bodily pain or unless you are causing other people embarrassment or stress, masturbating more than a few times a day is no big deal! It has been said that releasing these bodily fluids can be of greater benefit than any harm you think it may do.

Go for it just before a date –

Yes here is another fact – a lot of men have been known to have a quick one before a date as it relieves any built up tension and makes them Mr Cool. They do say that masturbation can be a big tension releaser.

Masturbation before sex?

Now this may come as a surprise but did you know that a lot of men/women ask their partners to masturbate just before they start their night of passion? Why? Well because masturbating before-hand can and does make you more relaxed and at the same time will stop you ejaculating prematurely and making a total hash of what could be a great night!
It is also a known fact that people who achieve orgasm regularly, have reduced stress, reduced blood pressure, and increased self-esteem.

So now we are saying that masturbation also has health benefits!

Great News!

Masturbation is normal and whoever tells you otherwise doesn’t really know what they are saying!
Don’t be embarrassed about masturbation and don’t be embarrassed about discussing this with your partners!

And remember that masturbation either with your partner or solo is not a bad thing at all.
So go for it and enjoy masturbation!

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