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What is your fetish?

What is your fetish?  

When you think of a fetish do you not start thinking about nylon and latex costumes, whips, ropes, and other forms of restraint? Most people do and even though we don’t openly admit it, we all have some sort of fetish.

Let’s also not mix up sexual fetishes with bondage, as the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. A fetish is an object or situation that can cause one arousal – it can be a garment, an object like a whip, or a role-playing game (e.g. nurse and patient, teacher and student). Bondage is purely the art of tying up your partner using ropes and other devices, enhancing sexual arousal.

How does fetishism actually work?
Understanding how fetishism works can help couples reach climax during sexual intercourse faster, especially because it can improve communication between them.
In most cases, people’s fetishes vary depending on their unique personalities, as well as other past situations that they may have experienced.

According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Science, men’s fetishes are different from that of women in over 87 percent of all cases, and they are different in accordance with their preferences in regard to the type of sex they engage in.


While men are mostly attracted by specific garments and costumes worn by their female partners, most women are more aroused by foreplay practices like kissing and other romantic situations involving their partners.


Due to the differences between sexes, emotions and aspirations, men and women tend to have a different view as to how sexual intercourse should take place, how it should be performed, and other such aspects.

People’s Fetishes

People’s fetishes are typically triggered by specific situations, and spontaneous sexual intercourse appears to be the most frequent such situation for men. This is because most men do not perceive the emotional side of engaging in sex, meaning that they do not experience the same feelings when kissing their female partners.

On the other hand, women’s fetishes start from the desires they have towards their romantic relationships. Their fetishes include kissing, objects such as scented candles, sticks, cones or flowers, and situations such as making love in the rain. Unlike men, women have an emotional side that is better developed, meaning that any romantic gesture can transform into a fetish in specific situations.

This does not mean that women cannot have fetishes that are similar to men’s – for example, dressing in revealing costumes, or using handcuffs or whips. Many women experience the physical desire to engage in sexual intercourse that includes the above and they will manifest it at least once in their lifetime.



What about Gay Men?

Gay men have different fetishes depending on their own likings. However, there are not any differences in the fetishes of a gay couple as compared to a heterosexual one. Depending on how much their emotional side is developed, they might want to engage in love making, or alternatively, they might prefer other forms of pleasure, such as bondage. Chances are there will not be any major differences in the fetish gear used, but this may vary based on how they expect the sexual intercourse to be performed.

We hope you have enjoyed the introduction to fetishes and hope that this article will give you the encouragement to make a start.

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