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What is burlesque lingerie

What Is Burlesque Lingerie?

Burlesque lingerie is a very popular choice when it comes to dressing up and it has also become part of sexual foreplay and sexual activities. During the 1900s, both men and women alike have admired burlesque lingerie in several theatrical plays and shows. Famous shows that spring to mind would be “Lady of Burlesque,” or “The Night They Raided Minsky’s”. Burlesque lingerie was a hot trend among women of that time, and it still is a very popular choice for women who want to transform simple intercourse into an unforgettable sexual experience.

wha-is-burlesque1But how many of us are actually familiar with the concept of burlesque lingerie?

Burlesque lingerie refers to a type of lingerie that usually consists of stockings, underwear, a bodice or bra (typically linked to the underwear or stockings), and sometimes other elements – for example, hats, ruffled miniskirts, fringes and faux leather or lace gloves.
Burlesque lingerie is typically abnormal in appearance, and it is characterized mostly by its extravagant look and flashy colours.

To get a better insight of what burlesque lingerie is, let us take a look and explain the concept of burlesque.

Burlesque is a term that refers to a dramatic, literary or musical work that intends to cause laughter by caricaturing the spirit or manner of more serious work. The term derives from the Italian “burlesco,”which is also derived, in turn, from the Italian “burla,” which means ridicule, mockery or joke.

Burlesque first appeared during the Victorian era, and it has gradually evolved over time, becoming a popular trend in several theatrical plays, shows, banners, and much more. Burlesque lingerie is meant to caricature regular feminine lingerie, but with its own unique look. Designs are more unusual, coming with flashier colours and atypical combinations, as well as other elements (such as hats and gloves), which are meant to emphasize the idea of mockery.

A lot of time, burlesque lingerie might also include nipple covers instead of bras or bodices, which is another aspect that makes it unusual and appropriate for bolder women.

The art of seduction goes hand in hand with Burlesque lingerie and the idea of a lady dressing up in such appropriate clothing can bring a real excitement to any bedroom romance.

Who ever said burlesque was dead! Just the opposite, as with this sexy and seductive style of lingerie your sex life just got a lot better!

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