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Our top sex tips

Our top sex tips

Having great sex with your partner might sometimes be hard work. This could be because of a lack of time or desire. And maybe even because of boredom in bedroom.

Experts are advising couples to change their between-the-sheets routine, and this is for good reason! Not only will this improve the exploration of your bodies, but it will strengthen your bond while helping you climax faster.

We compiled a list of our top sex tips which hopefully will help you improve your sex life.

Go for Quickies

A lot of couples enjoy long, passionate lovemaking sessions but with the pressures of life, find very little time to carry this out. How about a quickie? Having a quickie can be better than no sexual activity at all, allowing you to get intimate with each other and go through new experiences together.

Be Creative

Sometimes, your sexual activity might need some creativity that will change the monotone routine that repeats every time you are in the bedroom. Use your creativity deliberately to build memorable moments between the two of you.
Ideas include sexy lingerie, arrange scented candles, music, feathers, flowers, satin sheets, mirrors, even puffy handcuffs.
If you want your lovemaking sessions to be more enjoyable, creativity can and will spice things up.



Cultivate a Touchy-Feely Relationship

Building sexual tension is better than it seems, since it can help you become way more demonstrative in bed. Cultivate a sensible, touchy-feely relationship (so to speak), which will involve showing affection not only in the bedroom. Try to build up an almost sexy tension between you and your partner. This will undoubtedly transfer to your bedroom the next time you end up making love!

Have Sex More Often

Have you been experiencing decreased libido over the past days or weeks?
If so, try having sex more often than regularly, which has been proven to help couples enjoy themselves much more. As hard at this might sound, this is simpler and much more pleasurable than you can possibly imagine.


What about having sex once a day?
Or perhaps having sex five days consecutively?
This will boost your hormones again, which will further lead you to intense sexual desires and a better relationship, as well.

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