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My top foreplay tips

My Top Foreplay Tips

It is no doubt that foreplay is essential to any good form of sex between couples, thus successfully creating enjoyable sexual activity and enjoyable intercourse.

Partners also become more willing and demonstrative in bed and whether we talk about intensely kissing or even oral sex, foreplay is guaranteed to make your experience more enjoyable, helping you both achieve ultimate sexual pleasure and climax.

To help you out, we compiled a list of excellent foreplay tips and tricks every couple should know about and use!

1. Kiss your partner’s jawline
To make the most of your foreplay experience, try kissing and exploring the dip where your partner’s neck meets his chest. The entire area between the jawline and shoulders is erogenous, but not as much as this particular spot – you will feel his skin developing more goose bumps than you have ever seen in your life, and his willingness is guaranteed to increase at a great deal afterwards.

2. Mutual Masturbation
What can be more pleasurable than feeling your partner’s hand touching you? According to many experts, mutual masturbation during foreplay is a huge turn-on, which is why you should try practicing it more often. Give up something that is already part of your foreplay routine – for example, oral sex.



You will find you and your partner more aroused and willing to explore each other, which will make the follow-up intercourse electrifyingly pleasurable, and the climax – truly explosive.

3. Always Surprise Your Partner
Foreplay does not have to become monotone or boring – after all, it is meant to make your sexual intercourse more exciting. We suggest changing it constantly by adding something new every time – you can kiss his jawline today, mutually masturbate tomorrow, perform oral sex the day after tomorrow, lick his lips’ border, stroke his earlobe, slightly bite his nipples, and much more.

The element of surprise will surely heighten the level of arousal and pleasure the both of you are feeling.

So as you can see, oral sex does not have to be boring. And doing it the right way will bring you closer together.

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