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Safe Sex Guide

Our safe sex guide is the ultimate guide to practising safe sex. Sex doesn't have to be something that worries you. The idea of safe sex is something that we should all take on board. Why suffer when you can enjoy sex and be free from any sexual issues? Jump onboard today and learn all that there is to know about safe sex.

5 Ways To Prevent Getting Pregnant

So you want to know how to avoid pregnancy, but isn’t it obvious?  Abstinence!  Enjoy a lovely cuddle instead!  Well, yes, but what fun would that be? Since you’re on this website, we’re guessing cuddles are no longer hitting the spot...Here are five ways Read More...

Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Having Sex

Whether it’s your first time ever or you’ve had a myriad of conquests, sleeping with someone for the first time can be nerve-racking.You don’t yet know the ins-and outs of this person’s body.How and where they like and don’t like to be touched, whether Read More...