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Which vibrator is right for you

Which vibrator is right for you?  Are you struggling to find that perfect vibrator? Well you would be amazed at the vast variety of vibrators that are out there in today's market. But deciding which vibrator is right for you can be hard and you will be spoilt for choice! Let us start by comparing a few popular choices thus giving you a better idea of as to which vibrator will suite your particular sexual desires. We start with the Bullet Vibrator The Read More...
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Are sex toys an acceptable pleasure

Are Sex Toys An Accepted Pleasure? In today's ever-changing world, several aspects of our society have changed tremendously over the past ten years. A decade ago, most people would not have had a clue what a sex toy was even though they were, believe it or not in existence. And with the arrival of the internet and adult movies, the sex toy industry has truly blossomed. But are sex toys an accepted pleasure? The answer to this is a definite yes! Very Read More...
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Which vibrator should I buy

Which vibrator should I buy? As we all know, vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. But in order to pick that perfect friend we need to look at each one individually and understand exactly what it is that makes them so special. So let’s make a start. Clitoral Vibrators The clitoral vibrator is a used to give great sexual pleasure and enhances the orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. It can come in different shapes and sizes and some will provide stimulation to Read More...
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