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Welcome to the Loveulicious Sex Toys Testers Information Section

If you are looking to test sex toys and at the same time keep them, then keep reading.
Each and every week we will be creating a post under our sex toys forum.
This will include various sex toys that we want reviewed.
The idea here being for you to post a few words on
– why you want this toy?
– what you will do with this toy?
– what this toy will do for you?
– and how very excited you will be to receive and use this sex toy.

“The post will stay live for 10 days after which we will look at the individual comments and the best one will be selected, notified and sent the particular sex toy”

Our rules are strict and if you truly wish to partake, please abide by them -

1. Your profile must be filled out to the full including a profile picture

2. You must have a real go at answering the posts – saying something like “I would love that vibrator” will not work

3. Any attempt at spam or at using this forum for your own benefit will result in you and your IP address being banned.

4. Non UK residents are free to apply, but will need to pay for postage and packaging (usually no more than £8.00)

5. If you win the prize and receive your sex toy, a highly positive product review needs to be placed on our site within 4 weeks

6. Failure to do this will result in you being removed.

Want To Keep All Sex Toys That We Send You? -
Give Each Product An Honest Review!