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How To Use A Male Masturbator

How To Use A Male Masturbator

Has anyone told you that male masturbators are great fun!

Do you know how to use a male masturbator?

They can bring you a lot of pleasure and will satisfy your sexual needs, but most of all they are now totally acceptable.

Yes, it’s a true fact that despite or contrary to what certain people might say, male masturbators are a real part of sexual play both with partners, or on your own.

Choosing The Right One

However, the biggest problem that we now face is choosing the right one as we are truly spoilt for choice.

There is a huge selection of different male masturbators on the market and without spending a bit of time and doing some investigation, choosing the right one can be hard.

So let us make a start and learn just how to choose the right masturbator and at the same time how to use a male masturbator.

Fleshlight Masturbators

After years of experience and a lot of testing we are now going to show you just how to use and enjoy a male masturbator of the insertable type.

The masturbator that we are referring to is what we call a fleshlight masturbator or a realistic vagina.

It is basically the type of masturbator that you actually insert your penis into for ultimate pleasures.

Fleshlight masturbators are hugely popular and whether you are straight or gay they will keep you very happy and very satisfied.

Technology has become so advanced that we are now able to produce the type of love hole that feels and looks just like the real thing.

You are now able to slip your penis into this tunnel and replicate the exact feeling that you would experience from vaginal or anal play.

So let’s now look at how to use a tunnel masturbator correctly.

– Make sure that the device is clean before you start and that it is in good working order.
– Allow for your penis to be fully erect and excited before entering the love tunnel (a good idea is to look at some porn online and achieve a full erection).
– Place some lubrication or oil in and around your penis or in the actual device.
– When you are ready, insert your penis and continue just as you would if you were engaged with a woman or man in real life.

Enhancing Your Orgasm

A lot of masturbators have built in pressure pockets or vibrators which will allow you to insert pressure on your penis, thus making you more excited and enhancing your orgasm.

Once you have cum, the process of clean-up is fairly easy.

You will either need to actually clean the entire tunnel ready for next time use, or sometimes the masturbator has a pocket or bag which just needs to be removed and cleaned.

Female Love Dolls

Now besides these fun and extremely satisfying masturbators we also should not forget about male or female love dolls.

Female love dolls are moulded out of the lower half of a woman and male love dolls will have a replica of a hunky male for you to get your wicked way with.

A popular male love doll will have an actual backside or anus for you to play with.

And if we have certain fetishes like hands or feet, we can use masturbators built with just that in mind.

So to sum up. Male masturbators are here to stay.

They should not be looked down upon and you should never feel degraded by using one.

We all have sexual needs and desires and these male masturbators are there to make life a little bit easier.

Just always remember to keep yours clean and to play it safe.

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