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How To Use Anal Beads

How to use anal beads

Have you ever experimented with anal beads?

Let’s start to understand just how to use anal beads for amazing anal sex
Anal beads or Thai beads as they are also known, are basically a series of beads which are attached either via a string or via a solid piece of soft rubber. They are very popular amongst lesbian and straight woman alike, and believe it or not are used by men also. They are extremely popular amongst gay men who will use anal beads as part of their sexual play.

An introduction into using anal beads
Anal beads are used and designed for anal penetration and a classic style of anal beads is where the beads to get progressively bigger. A string of anal beads would constitute about 10. They will start small and move up to the final bead which is usually the size of a golf ball.
The whole idea here being that you would start with the smaller beads and as you enter your anus the beads get bigger allowing for deeper feelings and a better penetration.
A lot of anal beads also have handles for better control and deeper penetration. These handles are also there for easy anal bead removal should you start experiencing any pain. The handles come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type of anal beads and the type of material used.

The ultimate guide on just how to use anal beads

Ensure that the beads are of good quality and well-designed
Beads need to be sturdy and feel sturdy and with a good handle so that you can have total control. A lot of beads are made of a soft yet strong rubber material which when inserted will allow an easy flow and thus ensure a better feeling. A quick test would be to hold your beads in your hands and to move and twist them backwards and forwards. If they move well and feel very pliable, you know that you have a great product. Don’t buy poor quality anal beads or beads that don’t look the part. The last thing that you would want is to dial 999?

Make sure you have a good anal lubricant
There are plenty of great anal lubricants on the market and ensuring that you use the correct one will allow for easy access and a smooth ride. Place a generous amount of lubricant on and around your anus. Don’t feel embarrassed about using your fingers and inserting a dab of lubricant inside of you. The anal beads should also be well lubricated at the tip or at the start. Ensure that the first two or three beads have been well lubricated. Once well lubricated start to insert your anal beads and observe how easy they move up and down your anal passage. Let’s also remember that the easier the ride the better the orgasm.

how to use anal beads effectively

Preventing anal infections
If the anal beads are being used by you and only you, keeping them clean and preventing infections is not really a problem. Your body is used to your fingers and the chances of you contracting anything are very slim.
However, if you are using anal beads with various partners, a good idea is to cover the entire anal bead with a condom. Condoms are well lubricated and are safe hence ruling out any possible infections.
If this is something that you are not happy with, the only other alternative would be to wash your anal beads well and in hot soapy water, just before sharing. The idea behind anal play is to enjoy and not to catch anything ugly, so keeping clean is always a better option.

Getting into your anal beads
Anal excitement is a very personal thing. Due to the anal passage being fairly constricted, you might well require a bit of pre-anal sex warmup. By that we mean watching a sexy movie, looking at pictures of anal insertions or if you are with your partner, allowing him or her to play with your anus before you actually start with your anal beads.
Anal beads are definitely best used when you are really feeling excited and are longing for a bit more. The sensation of having anal beads inserted will be a lot more pleasurable once you are rocking.

Do we know how anal beads actually work
The idea here is that once anal beads are inserted into your anus, they will form pressure pockets and as you move them out, will push against your muscles giving you a series of pleasurable sensations.
Some people swear that this is almost like having an internal anal massage.
Let’s also remember that the anus will seem tight at first and so the idea is to play with them and with yourself, enticing and relaxing your anal passage. Just as we mentioned before, allow your partner to insert his or her fingers into your anal passage. Stretch and lubricate before taking the plunge.

discover the true joys of anal beads

Using anal beads with your partner
Anal beads amongst partners is huge and this is probably one of the biggest turn-ons between partners who enjoy anal sex.
Believe it or not, it can be a really exciting experience. The whole idea of playing and toying with your partners anus as he or she gets more and more excited, is what really turns couples on.
But please remember that safety is a big factor here and the tissues around the anus can easily tear. So, a good idea would be to go slow. Make sure that before you go to stage two your partner is well up for it.
Anal beads and sharing of anal beads between partners should always happen with mutual consent. Some couples even have a get out word just in case the going gets too tough!

Our final anal tips are
If you are a female and use anal beads a lot or are thinking about using anal beads, please bear in mind that passing fluids between your anus and your vagina can lead to infections.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t indulge in anal sex or the use of anal beads. Just ensure that you are careful and don’t get too carried away in the heat of the moment.

Anal beads are sexy, exciting and a great way of enjoying sex with your partner. As long as you choose wisely and follow our tips, you should have no issues in enjoying great anal sex.
We hope you enjoyed this and now truly understand just how to use anal beads effectively.

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