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5 Ways To Prevent Getting Pregnant

So you want to know how to avoid pregnancy, but isn’t it obvious?  Abstinence!  Enjoy a lovely cuddle instead!  Well, yes, but what fun would that be? Since you’re on this website, we’re guessing cuddles are no longer hitting the spot…

Here are five ways to avoid getting pregnant, whilst still having a good old time.

Don’t Have Sex Without a Condom

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again.  Of course it’s a mood killer fumbling in the dark to find his wallet, and it does look a bit funny once it’s on, but two little red lines can also be a bit of a mood killer – so suck it up, buttercup.

Though not popular, female condoms are also available.  Of course, neither option is 100% foolproof, but the beauty of condoms is that you’ll know instantly if they’ve failed at their job.  By checking for tears before disposal, you’ll have plenty of time to take the morning after pill instead of waiting for that missed period.

The Pill, Coil or Implant

There are plenty of other options, including the birth control shot and birth control patch.  These methods are long lasting but entirely reversible, should you wake up one day and decide it’s time to have a baby.
You can even pop a diaphragm up there yourself for a short-term solution.

The obvious benefit is that – if you completely trust your partner’s STI status – sex is generally more enjoyable without a condom. However, you leave yourself open to missing out on knowing you need the morning after pill, so have an upfront discussion with your partner on what action you’ll take, should disaster strike.

Fertility awareness

This method requires the woman to have a thorough understanding of her menstrual cycle. There are certain times of the month she is not fertile, and involves periodic abstinence or use of condoms for the rest of the month.

This method requires a lot of time and attention, involving the calendar, mucus and temperature methods.

Don’t Rely On The “pull out” Method

Rookie mistake. Tiny quantities of semen is spilled before the big event in the form of “pre-cum”, and that tiny quantity may still contain sperm – after all, one is all that’s needed. When you’re lost in the moment you may misjudge the moment to pull out, so it’s best not to risk it. However, if you’ve already disregarded our previous suggestions, it’s better than nothing!

Surgical Methods

Female sterilisation involves closing off the fallopian tubes, and is difficult or even impossible to reverse. Most doctors won’t even entertain the idea for young or childless women.

Men can have vasectomies, but the procedure looks a bit terrifying so shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly.

Whichever option you choose, communication is key. If your bed buddy really, really doesn’t want kids – like, ever – maybe it’s worth pointing out that he really, really shouldn’t have so much faith in the pull-out method. Likewise, if this is a one night stand, it’s probably best to check she isn’t allergic to condoms before poking a latex condom up there. Be safe!

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