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The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game For Friends

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Fantastic new game for 2-8 players that consists of exciting and titillating forfeits and themed play pieces including a beaver, a cock, puppies, a pawn, a stallion, a rabbit, a snake and a pussy.

Throw the dice and move round the board to build your adult empire.

Use your own business acumen and decide which businesses are the best to buy with such exotic names as Peppermint Hippo, King Dong,

The Full Mountie, Martin Scores Easy and Dollywood.

Buy as much as you can afford, watch for your friends landing on your squares and watch what happens!

Don’t get too big too quickly however or you could lose your shirt, literally!

Risky, frisky forfeit cards will test the sexual knowledge of your friends and if they get them wrong they must take part in hysterical forfeits.

So do you know how long a pigs orgasm will last?

You will discover the answer to this, and many more questions, on your way to the top. The winner is the one who has both the best boardroom skills and most bedroom knowledge.

Bring a bit of fun to the bedroom with our sex games from Loveulicious.

All With Next Day Delivery.

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