Realistic Dildos

Your realistic dildo adventure starts here…

Wow – What is it about these sex toys that make us get so very excited? Is it the way in which a realistic dildo looks and how well it has been designed? Or possibly it’s just the fact that we love these type of sex toys.

Realistic dildos are hugely popular amongst straight and non-straight men, women or couples. They make for great sexual extras and can be enjoyed solo or with your partner.

If you have ever thought about using one, now would be a good time, as more and more realistic dildos are getting sold online, which tells us but one thing, that they are very popular.

Let’s start by exploring and looking at what a sexy dildo can do for you?

For those of us that don’t know, dildos are basically a type of sex toy that when inserted into either your vagina or anus, will give you that feeling of a real penis. They are used as part of foreplay or for masturbation.

The reason for realistic dildos being so popular, is down to their shape and the way they feel and look just like the real thing. There is nothing more exciting than having a large and penis shaped object inserted into you and when the dildo starts teasing and tantalising you, you realise that the fun is just about to begin.
Inserting Your Realistic Dildo

After purchasing your new sex toy, we would always advise you to ensure that it is free from any rough edges and that it looks and feels Ok when you touch it.

Giving it a thorough wash before play, is also advisable, even though it may have come all packaged up and squeaky clean.
Once happy with your new toy, begin by caressing and lubricating the area that you will be entering with your dildo. If you have bought a dildo for anal play, ensure that you have applied enough lubrication to your anal area. A great check is if you can slide a few fingers both in and out, you are ready for action.

Gently insert your dildo into your anus or vagina, remembering that you should always start slow, and once happy build up to a faster pace allowing for what hopefully will be a super orgasm.

If necessary keep adding more lubricant or apply a generous amount of oil to the area. This will also help the dildo to move faster inside of you, thus increasing your excitement and making you more and more sexually excited.

Once you have actually achieved orgasm, you can either remove it from inside of you or continue playing with yourself and continue to enjoy what this amazing sex toy has to offer.

A lot of people find that extra intense feeling that the dildo will give you after orgasm, hard to handle and so slowly but surely remove it.

Teaching someone how to achieve an orgasm when using a realistic dildo is not an easy thing. The reason behind this being that we all have different levels of comfort. We all have different ideas when it comes to sexual enjoyment, and the only way to truly go for it, it just to be yourself and enjoy.

Playing It Safe
Realistic dildos come in all shapes and sizes, some are battery operated and some are remote control, but whatever the type of dildo you have purchased, always try to play it safe and to be totally comfortable with your new sex toy.

Sharing Your Realistic Dildo
Let’s remember that dildos are not always for solo use. They are used by men and women alike and are a great part of foreplay.
Dildos form a great part of lesbian sex and hence work very well when used by two women simultaneously. If we look at a double ended dildo, we will observe how the length and size of a double ender, will allow both women to have either end inserted. This is a real favourite amongst lesbian couples and I am sure you can understand why.
If we look at anal sex, we can also see that both couples and lesbians who are seeking a dildo for anal play or vaginal toying can get a huge kick from these super sex toys.

Types Of Dildos
Dildos come in all shapes and sizes. We have double dildos, penis dildos, strap on dildos and realistic dildos. If it’s purely length or width that you are after, our super dildos will tick all the boxes, from realistic to cyborg. And if it’s size that you are after, our 12 inch dildos will keep you very satisfied. Our big black dildos will probably get you very excited, whilst our hand dildos might leave you slightly confused.

And last but by no means least, let’s not forget about our strap on harnesses for those super dildos. The harness will free up both of your hands and if you are trying to replicate the sexual act of a penis entering a vagina, then this definitely is the way to go.
Dildo harnesses are also very popular amongst our gay customers who love using these devices for some amazing anal sex.

Let Us End As We Mean To Continue
Realistic dildos really make for great sex toys. They can be fun and can be shared and enjoyed by both men and women. A dildo will increase your sexual desires and enhance your sex life.
The only question is though, which one will you choose?