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Gay sex toys are now hugely talked about!
Perhaps it’s because they are proving so popular or perhaps it’s just that so many of us now use these sexual devices

But what makes a gay sex toy – gay?

If we look at a cock ring or a dildo, we notice straight away that the actual design is fairly similar to that used by straight men, the big difference being though, that it’s branded and styled towards a gay man.

Dildos are also designed in such a way as to allow for easy anal access, whilst cock rings are simply branded for the gay community. But don’t let this put you off in any way. They are still truly special and make for great sex toys.

Now because gay men use penis rings and dildos more than any other sex toys, these are an extremely popular choice when it comes to using sex toys. Cock rings or penis rings are a real must have, especially if you are looking for a delayed reaction in the bedroom, whilst dildos are great for sharing.

As a gay man, if you are looking for gay sex toys or sexual aids to help you achieve real sexual satisfaction you will find a fairly large choice of products. What’s more is that most sex toys today can be used solo or to share with your partner.

All of our gay sex toys are fun to use and will always provide you with the highest standards in sexual satisfaction! Maybe this is why our customers just keep coming back for more?

Let’s Talk Love Dolls

Another great and very talked about sexual toy, would be a love doll or male sex doll are they are also known. And with the choice being so vast, you can understand just why these are proving to be so popular. Our male sex dolls come is so many shapes and sizes, and are designed to satisfy you in ways that are very special and that you would need to discover.

Some have fully working parts, whilst others are there purely to keep you happy and stop you from feeling left out. The great thing about a male love doll, is that it will never answer you back or say no. The doll works totally as and when you get the urge.

You might notice a vast difference in price between some of the dolls. This is due to them having different abilities and being made from different types of materials. Your standard blow-up doll will always be the cheaper option, as it has less of the human touch.

Dolls that can speak and that have real human hair and working parts, will always be more expensive, purely due to the way they are designed to please and satisfy you in every way possible.

So, if you are after a sexy hunk or just your normal office worker, start browsing our range of male love dolls and take home your favourite partner.

Sex Toys Are For Sharing

Let’s also remember that these toys are not just for yourself. So why not share a cock ring with your partner and see exactly what it can do to your sex life? Sharing can be fun, sharing can be exciting and sharing sex toys can be a real turn on.

Gay Sex Toys – What Are Our Choices

Cock rings or penis rings amongst our Gay community are very popular and no more so than the famous Screaming O range of men’s cock rings. What makes these so special is that they will fit most shapes and sizes and some are even electric. Just imagine it – that real buzz that you will feel when you put it on your penis.

Screaming O cock rings are also highly affordable and have the added benefit of delaying or prolonging your ejaculations. They work well, are very stretchy and are also highly durable. But what we love most about them is that they come in a variety of amazing colours.

Start by browsing our “Colt” range or the “Screaming O” cock rings for some serious pleasures and sexual fun both in and out of the bedroom.

Gay Masturbators

Another very popular choice are our male masturbators. Bearing in mind that these are made for both straight and gay men alike, they are extremely popular choices, when it comes to any form of masturbation. Our masturbators also come is various shapes and sizes and the type that you end up with, will always be down to pure choice.

We only have to look at our Fleshlight range of male masturbators, to discover a world of possibilities. These super male masturbators are a number one choice amongst our gay community and it’s not hard to work out why.

The Fleshlight range consist of unbelievably satisfying butt masturbators, endurance masturbators and dildo masturbators. They really are designed to give you the best of experiences when it comes to masturbation. Some are even made as clones of your favourite male stars, so you can visualise giving him one, whilst playing with yourself and your newly found friend.

Keeping Safe & Clean

Maybe not a subject that we all like taking about, but one that is important. Anal sex is a big factor here and keeping clean and playing safe will ensure a better experience all round.
We have a range of personal hygiene products in stock, all there to help keep you and your partner both fit and healthy.

To Sum Up

Whether it’s a male sex doll, a cock ring, anal dildos or a penis pump – the choices are always there. Choose that perfect sex toy and start seeing just what you have been missing.