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   Back in the day, anal sex was seriously feared. We saw the likes of porn stars take it with ease, but when it came down to it, our personal experiences hurt like hell.

   But these days, anal sex is part of the norm. The amount of sex toys on the market that are specifically dedicated to anal sex, is increasingly expanding. So, once you master the art of enjoying the sensation of using the exit as an entrance, the world of pleasure is your oyster.

   Here at Loveulicious we try to encourage all our customers to try new things, but also, we like to educate them. If anal sex is something you are yet to conquer, then head over to our “how to” and blog pages to learn a little more.

We offer a vast array of anal toys, you get the choice of anal beads, probes, butt plugs and vibrating toys. All of which are designed to give incredible anal pleasure, and all are interestingly different.

   Anal beads give a fascinating sensation when pulled out swiftly at the point of orgasm. Vibrating butt plugs offer pleasure to both you and your partner during sexual intercourse and some butt plugs are just made to look pretty. You can sport a rather bushy tail, or a sleek and elegant glass rose. They do not have to be daunting either, the majority of anal toys are designed using fun vibrant colours and even different textures.

   If you are just starting out and new to the concept of anal sex, make sure the first thing on your shopping list is a really good lubricant. You can head over to our massage section where you will find plenty of lubricants which include anal specific lube.

   For those of us who are thrilled at the thought of anal play, some of our extreme anal sex toys will allow exploration further and deeper than ever! These anal toys will open you up like never before and give you a feeling of immense satisfaction and intense arousal.

   Anal play, whether you are alone or with your partner may, at times get a bit messy. We offer a range of personal hygiene products to keep your toys clean and protected. Especially if you are using the same toy for the anus and vagina.

   If you have read this far then you are without a doubt ready to make your next anal toy purchase from the Loveulicious collection below. Go on, treat yourself!