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We have your every need covered. Whether you are looking to try new positions, get to know your partner a little deeper or just have some fun teasing each other until one of you cracks.

Sometimes a sex game can pull you out of that rut that you and your partner may be stuck in and encourage some healthy competition to really spice up the evening. If you are looking to purchase a game to aid you and your partner, make sure you get one that will interest him, because if you pick the wrong game it may sit in the cupboard and that is not the aim.

A perfect place to start with would be your date nights. Dinner dates and the cinema can be rather repetitive. So why not use our Date Night Game and add some spontaneity to your evening. The simplicity is that all you have to do is draw a stick and do as it says.

Or why not buy a pack of IOU Sex Stickers. Place them randomly around the house for him or her to find and cash in your IOU’s whenever you fancy.

If you really want things to heat up quickly, you need to bag yourself a You and Me Game. As the game progresses you and your partner complete naughty forfeits to collect points. The winner celebrates by receiving a sexual favour of their choice. But the forfeit cards are just as exciting and really do add to the build-up.

Some nights it may just be you and the girls, pre-drinking before heading out for the night. Not to worry, we have a selection of games for you too. Head over to Party Time page for sex specific games.

Here at Loveulicious, we also offer a variety of sexy Novelties. Bring a bit of fun to those parties with our super novelty range of tricks and treats.
We have a great range of sexy treats in stock and all with next day delivery.

So go on and make sure that you are not the party pooper.