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Sex Games

Look no further, Loveulicious have you covered. From board games to novelty gifts, we have it all.  The types of games that Loveulicious stock can turn any dull night in to a raunchy evening of thrills and orgasms.  How could you say no to that?  Take your standard board game with the objective of getting to the end to win, but lose your clothes along the way, or tease your partner with raunchy dare cards.

We have a large variety of games that are designed for couples and even groups.  Sex cards games are great for large groups of people as well as couples.  It really allows you to get to know each other on a deeper level, which is perfect if there is someone in the group you have your eye one.

Majority of the sex board and card games inspire you to try new things which can be fun, exciting and a real turn on. We also stock realistic sex games. What do we mean by that?  Well, some of the games available encourage couples into sexual roleplay or different positions.

These types of games push you to try new things without feeling uncomfortable for asking your partner to do so.  Bring a little sparkle into your love live with some soft play bondage.  Our bondage board games are fantastic when played in the bedroom or in the comfort of your living room.
You can make a start with our 50 Positions of Bondage Sex Cards – a card game that is packed with really sexy and kinky sex positions. You flash the cards and flash your body and the sex positions.

Our Deeper Shade of Red Bondage game is also a super way of experimenting and exploring all of your bondage needs and desires.   And remember that the winner takes all.

All of our bondage board games make for great nights in and don’t have to be just for you and your partner.   These particular games can also be just for fun or naughty nights in with friends and close couples – in particular for that our party truth or dare game really is a must!

Now, what is a stag or hen party without some fun filled entertaining games? Loveulicious have a wide variety of choice and not just games, accessories that are tailored to every need of your party.

The Novelty gifts and accessories we have to offer can be a great surprise or birthday treat, not only for your partner, but for friends and even colleagues at work.

How about trying out our sexy golf tees and bring a new meaning to the word – Hole in one!  Or you can make some real noise with our Honk If You Are Horny silver horn!  The lists are endless, and it will really be down to you to decide what’s best on the day or night.

One thing that you can be assured is that we have an inspiring range of saucy party tricks, treats and outfits in stock, for that perfect surprise.

So, think ahead and have your games cupboard stocked for your next event. With guaranteed next day delivery, you can grab a game last minute!