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How prepared show I be on my first date

How prepared should I really be on my first date?  

That first date can be rather crucial because it gives you the opportunity to make a strong first impression on your partner. If waiting for your date to show up seems overwhelming, you must have overlooked the prep process you should have gone through prior to arriving to the location you both agreed on.

Though it should not happen on a first date, you might eventually feel willing to jump right into bed with your new partner – should we tell you what comes next?

Probably an undesired pregnancy that leads to an abortion, as well as a thousand of other possible complications no one wants to face. Not to mention that, in more than 98 percent of all cases, chances are that you will contract a venereal disease that will most definitely impact your day-to-day life negatively.
So as you can see jumping into bed at the very beginning is not a good idea!

Now let’s go back to that prep process.
Before you show up at your date, we suggest going through some essential pre-date prep – it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Fashion Tip: Revealing versus Unrevealing

One of the most important things women should keep in mind when it comes to going on a first date with a partner they have never seen before is the dress code.
If your intention is to build a sweet, loving long-term relationship with him, wearing revealing clothes will not have the most favourable outcome for you, as you will probably end up disappointed in his growing interest in engaging in sexual activity with you.

Even if you are the type who likes wearing miniskirts, and garments that look like they are sculpted into your body regularly, you should opt for unrevealing clothes instead.
They will make you appear as a serious woman whose interest clearly is not having sex on the first date.



Contraceptive Precautions: Always a Must

Many people, whether women or men, end up jumping into bed on their first date.
Though this should not normally happen, you must always act as if it is very likely to happen to you, too.
As such, taking various contraceptive precautions is essential to staying safe and avoiding sexually-transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and emotional repercussions during the entire intercourse.
If you are a lady, you will want to have a few condoms in your purse, just in case that you are not on birth control anymore.
The same goes for men, though they definitely cannot take birth control pills.
Although your first thought might not be going on a date to have sex with someone you barely know, there are many circumstances in which you might be determined to engage in an intercourse.
Perhaps you will be having so much fun that you will eventually end up drinking too many glasses of wine, you will get drunk, and you will be willing to do exactly what you decided not to when you accepted his invitation.
Having a back plan is always a good idea if you do not want to have any regrets, so be sure to prep yourself very well before going to meet your date.

Don’t Go on a Date If You Are on Your Period

The likeliness to get pregnant is ramped up during when you are on your period – and this is a very important thing to know.
If you think you might engage in vaginal sex on your first date, it is better to consider postponing it, when your period will be already two or three days away.
Furthermore, having sex when you are on your period increases the risk of contracting venereal diseases, and can easily lead to abdominal pain if you are not considerate towards the most suitable positions, as well as towards the roughness of the penetration.

Please bear in mind what we have spoken about remember that precautions on your first date are a real must.

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