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Are male masturbators acceptable?

Are Male Masturbators Acceptable?

In today’s society, masturbation has become a commonly accepted practice amongst men, and with more and more men wanting to explore their own body, the fear factor or embarrassment factor has all but disappeared.

However, there is still one question that we are asking and that is – are male masturbators acceptable? Now a quick and honest answer here would be a definitely yes!

male-masturbators-1What Has Research Shown?

Several researchers have proven that masturbation can have positive effects on men, because it allows them to release sexual tension, as well as endorphins and serotonin, both known as “feel-good” chemicals that naturally occur in the body.

Sex toys can also contribute to helping men reach climax and to ejaculate, which will in turn make for a better sexual experience for him and his other half.




Besides the scientific explanation of why male masturbators are acceptable in today’s society, there are also other theories and opinions that are in favour of the use of these sexual devices.

Going Back In Time

If we go back in time over the last few decades, we will see that masturbation was more common in men than in women, which only goes to show that male masturbation is normal and common practise amongst men.

Furthermore, many men of different social positions and age are asking why there is inequity between men and women when it comes to sex toys.

Truth be told, there should not be any – which is why men are free to willingly use male masturbators for ultimate sexual pleasure, whether for self-exploring, or for engaging in sexual activity with their partners.

male-masturbators-2And with such a huge choice, you are somewhat spoilt for choice.

Let’s now look at ways of masturbating and why you would decide to use that perfect friend.

Sex toys are great ways of masturbating, whether it’s a hand held masturbator or a real life sex doll, the choice is yours. The question that you have to ask yourself is what you actually feel happier with? If you want that feeling of being with someone, go for that amazing sex doll. You can try everything from grannies to police women – whatever turns you on?



If on the other hand you are not too fussed about what you use and just want that incredible orgasm, a hand held masturbator which be ideal for you.

To conclude the above, yes, male masturbators are perfectly normal and acceptable in today’s society – so start using yours with no worries!

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