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Loveulicious Rewards Points Club

At Loveulicious we aim to give you the best experience possible and
our reward points are just another way for you to get your favourite vibrators and sex toys, and for FREE!
So it’s a win win situation!
Every time you spent £1 at Loveulicious you will earn 10 points!
Our points work just the same way as any other superstore.
You accumulate points on purchases and you spend them on anything in our store.
All customer points are kept in your secure portal and stay valid for up to 365 days!

Are you new to Loveulicious?
Why not open up an account today and earn 2000 points as a new member?

What Other Customers Ask

Can I buy something purely with reward points?
Unfortunately, not! You will need to spend at least £5.00 to use your reward points.
This covers all of our admin and payment costs.

Is there a minimum number of points per transaction?
You will need to use at least 450 points at checkout to enable either a free product or money off any product from your reward points.

What happens if I return something which was paid partly with reward points?
You will receive a full refund and your points will be reinstated.

Do I receive any points for being a new customer?
You do indeed! As soon as you open up a new account with Loveulicious, you will
receive 2000 reward points!

Can I use my reward points to purchase a gift voucher?
No you can’t.

Do I earn more points when I purchase using reward points?
Reward points can only be earnt from actual monetary purchases. You cannot earn more points off points.

What other ways are there to earn reward points?
We now offer reward points on the following –
1. Refer a friend –
2. Get one of your friends or colleagues to join Loveulicious and we will give you 500 reward points
3. Enter our competitions –
4. We hold regular facebook competitions and also one that we call “The best looking picture competition”.
5. Enter for your chance to win anywhere from 500 to 1000 reward points
6. Write a great product review –
7. ensure that it is accepted by our marketing department and you will receive 20 reward points.
8. Please don’t try to spam as your IP address will be blocked.