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It’s amazing to think that one in ten of all woman in the UK alone, have either tried out or have owned a vibrator! So it shouldn’t surprise you that ladies sex toys are now being used more as more woman are now embracing the control of their own orgasms.  Not only are women buying sex toys, but they are also sharing these with their partners.

Sex toys as we now know are not a taboo subject at all – far from it!  The popularity has grown enormously and so have the choices!  So whether you are after a finger vibrator or a hand held vibrator, the choices are there and the variety and function of these sex toys just seems to be getting better and better.

Ask yourself this question – What could be more exciting than using a sensual wand on your partner and at the same time enjoying watching her?  Don’t knock it until you have tried it!  You will be amazed at what this little act can do for the size of your penis!  The excitement will allow you to grow and grow!

Whether its dildos, vibrators or wands, sexual toys are now products that we all use and want.  We even have remote control vibrators in stock for a totally hands free orgasm!

Now if you are slightly worried about delivery – well don’t be as we will deliver all items in a very discreet manner and we will also promise you a money back guarantee, should you not be happy with your new vibrator.  Shopping discreetly at Loveulicious is what gives more and more of our customers total peace of mind.

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