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Keeping Sexually Clean

Personal hygiene is a huge factor when it comes to sexual intercourse. Let’s face it, our sexual escapades are not always clean, and often these are the best times.

Our number one priority is to take care of our bodies, these products will ensure that you keep both body and sex toys clean thus allowing for a perfect sexual experience.

Shall we start with our anal douches. What are they? you may find yourself asking. Rectal douching is the act of rinsing your rectum with the intent to clean it. This can be done pre or post anal sex, using a specific anal douching tool.

Loveulicious provides your standard anal douche’s that are extremely effective. You simply fill with water or cleanser of your choice, insert and squeeze. Sometimes you can even get enjoyment from the feeling of douching, killing two birds with one stone. We also offer some advanced kits.

The Clean Stream Shower Enema Set, is a direct shower attachment set, to ensure you get the full power shower experience. Our Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Sets are a step up from your standard douching, they offer a greater volume for fluid.

Keeping your sex toys clean and sanitary is ever so important. Cleaning your toys ensures that you do not transfer infections between you and your partner or even develop an infection yourself. Loveulicious have plenty of sex toy cleaners to choose from. Whether you are shopping on a budget or breaking the bank, a toy cleaner should be high priority on your list, and they are really affordable.

Personal grooming is something you or your partner may have a preference about. For men, we have the Be Bare Trim Set, super affordable and small enough to shape and style any untamed hair. For the ladies, we have the Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan. It has multiple attachments for detailed trimming and shaving. Whether you want no hair or a precisely trimmed region, the shaver by Swan does exactly that.

Now Ladies, mother nature, that time of the month. Yes, you can pop to your local supermarket for all your monthly needs. However, Loveulicious can offer next day delivery for our soft tampon range and also our menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are reusable and great for your body. The soft tampons can even be worn during intercourse and your partner would never know.

All of our personal hygiene products are shipped out in 100% discreet packaging and next day delivery is available.

Sexual Cleaning Products