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Hot Anal Sex Positions That You Will Love

Anal sex is a now a lot more common amongst couples than it used to be. You and I both know that more people are open to experimenting, and it seems no more so then when it comes to anal sex.

That being said, with the introduction of toys such as butt plugs and anal beads, the idea of having your partners penis inside you, isn’t such a big deal anymore, or is it?

Is Anal Sex Really An Issue?

Firstly, let’s just say here that anal sex doesn’t necessarily need to be dreaded, it can actually be extremely enjoyable for both men and women and more of us are now trying it than ever before.

The other big thing to mention is that you don’t need to be female to experience the joys of anal sex. Does that surprise you?

It surprises a lot of men though, who never thought of anal sex as being something that they could enjoy. The fact is though, just like women, men also have a very powerful G spot, which is known as their prostate gland. This is located internally but can also be felt externally, by pressing a finger or two on the skin between the ball sack and the anus.

So, if you want your man to experience a more intense orgasm, anal sex is the way to go. The male G spot can be triggered by sticking your finger, a toy or a penis inside of him – try it and see what happens.

Experienced Enough to Try This Form of Sexual Enjoyment?

I am sure you also realise that not everyone is experienced when it comes to anal sex, which is why you should always take it slow and go at our own pace.


anal sex

As with any intimate situation, the desired end result is for both parties to orgasm or at least get the most that they can out of the situation. And with so many options and positions, it can be hard to know just where to begin?

So, let’s start by taking a look at some of the best and hottest anal positions that are out there and definitely worth a try.

Avoiding Doggy Style to Start With

If you are an anal sex novice, I wouldn’t recommend going straight into doggy style.

Sure, we have all probably experienced doggy style when it comes to normal intercourse, however anal takes a bit more practice.

I would say that initially you are going to be wanting to find a position that you are most comfortable with. One that doesn’t involve to much movement (woman) and one where you can really control the amount of penetration (men).

Let’s Start with Spooning

Now, this position works well if you want to make your anal sex experience a little slower and definitely a bit more intimate. By laying on your side in this position, the penis will be able to follow the natural curve of your bowel, which will be a lot more comfortable for the woman.

At the same time, the position of your bum doesn’t allow maximum access, so you can accept as much or as little of the penis as you wish. Spooning is also a great anal position if you want to include toys.

Some women may not enjoy the feeling of anal penetration but may well want to participate for their partners pleasure, and to get them sexually aroused.

By placing yourself in this position, you will allow enough room for your partners arm to reach over and stimulate the clitoris and vagina, he may even place a bullet or a vibrator down there to, for maximum effect.

Moving On To The Missionary Position

I always find it quite funny, how over the years, missionary is a position most couples want to steer clear from, with the fear of being too boring or “vanilla”. Believe it or not, missionary can actually be one of your new favourite positions when it comes to anal sex!

You might be thinking here that the access to your anus whilst laying on your back isn’t the easiest and you’d be right. A great idea in this situation is to place cushions under your hips or to purchase a specific sex positioning device which you can get from most online sex toy retailers, thus giving you that extra bit of elevation and allowing easier access of your man’s penis.

Now just as in spooning, the man has a lot more control over the penetration depth, something which may or may not frighten you as a woman. To make things a little more comfortable you could place your legs over the man’s shoulders or directly in the air, thus allowing for a much easier and more enjoyable ride.

The other great thing about missionary, is that it allows you to pay particular attention to your partner, making it easier to communicate both your likes and dislikes. It also means you can have face to face contact for kissing or biting or whatever you want to do with your spare body parts.

My favourite is to use bed restraints to tie my arms to the corners of the bed, which leaves my lower body at the mercy of my partner. Something that really turns me on!

Next Its Cowgirl?

Cowgirl is a position that is a slight step up from the previous two, and I would like to put this into the intermediate category. The cowgirl position enables the woman to take control. She can control the depth of penetration and also the speed.

reverse cowgirl

And if she really wants to, the roles can be completely reversed. She can be the one who makes the rules and work her magic, only allowing the man to finish when she is good and ready!

This position is all about the woman. Her partners hands are completely free, for stimulation in all other areas she might like. So, ladies, if you feel like wearing the trouser for once and also want the attention on you, this is the position to go for.

It’s Now Time to Try Out Doggy Style

We did mention initially that this was not the best of positions to start off with as a novice, however if you have now experimented with other anal positions and are slightly more confident and experienced, than now would be as good a time as any to start.

Doggy style is the position that probably gives the penis the freest access to the anus.

How it works is that, the woman braces the normal doggy style stance, as if she was having vaginal intercourse and the man enters her from behind.

doggy style

The pros to this position are that the man can really spread the cheeks apart to get the best entry angle. He is able to grab your hips, waist and hair and take full control of the thrusting, really dominate the situation.

Another great thing about this position is you can switch it up a little, the man can lay upon your back, you can have your legs spread open or closed tight together.

You can even adapt the position, so your face is pressed against the mattress or the floor, your ass raised in the air, which can also increase the depth and feeling you receive from anal penetration.

This has to be one of my favourite anal sex positions and super-hot.

Advanced Anal Sex Positions

OK, so let’s move on to the more advanced level positions.

The First One Being the High Chair

For this you will need a bar stool or a high surface where you can access all angles.

The woman places herself upon the stool with her bum slightly off the edge, the man stands upright behind her and inserts his erection into the anus. Now ideally the stool needs to be waist height to the man’s hips.

I can appreciate that this type of position, may be a little limited and only accessible to a select few people, however, once achieved, the man can really take hold of you and you can use the stool, wall or any supporting surface nearby to push back upon him. Allowing for an amazing anal experience for both parties.

Next Is the Speed Bump

This particular position may not offer great depth, but it’s definitely one that not many people have tried and who knows, it could really work for you?

The speed bump is a great sex position to incorporate that annoying unused exercise ball, that personally I had sitting in my lounge for the better part of a year, until I put it to much better use!

How it works is like this – the woman lays over the ball on her stomach, hands firmly placed on the floor in front to avoid that embarrassing superman dive, legs together.

The man will then spread his legs and squat down and start thrusting. The great thing about the speed bump is that the exercise ball is comfortable to lay across as well as offering a little bit of momentum when needed.

I never did throw away that exercise ball and what a good move that was, as I can now experience speed bump sex with my partner and I absolutely love it.

Let’s Finish with The Poles Apart Position

Last but by no means least is the poles apart position, which is a mix between spooning and 69.

The idea here being that the man lays on his back with the woman laying on her back opposite end, on top of the man. The optimal position to take when entering is for the woman to bring her knees up to her chest and then straighten them out once comfortable.

Penetration is achieved by the man holding onto the woman’s hips and pulling her towards him and then pushing back. It can also be done hands free which leave his hands available for a foot massage, especially if you or your partner have a foot fetish.

Penetration can also be as deep as the man wishes as most of the action is performed by the hips.

Rapping It Up

Anal sex is definitely something that all couples and singles should try. There are so many positions you can experiment with and you don’t have to be an expert either.

The other great thing is that not all positions will have the same effect which makes it ideal for couples who like to spice things up a bit and try new things.

Anal sex is here to stay and is becoming more and more popular. You just need to experiment to find the right position that allows you to do just that – enjoy!

Will you now try anal sex?

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