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How to hold back on an orgasm

How to hold back an orgasm?

Believe it or not, many women who can reach orgasm have problems controlling their bodies, climaxing much faster than their partners. Whilst this happens mostly when they feel extremely aroused, several studies have shown that, in fact, many of these women reach orgasm faster due to their bodies’ specific chemistry.

In other words, some women might be able to uncontrollably climax due to hormones rushing through their bodies, which enable them to get aroused faster, and consequently, reach an orgasm much quicker. If this is a common problem that affects the well-being of your sexual relationship, then please read on, as there are there are several solutions that can help you in holding back your orgasm.

So let’s start by looking at a few methods –

Our first holdback method is – reducing sexual arousal.

As stated above, you are most likely to climax when you are extremely aroused, which happens when your body is receiving specific stimuli in erogenous spots (e.g. your earlobe).
To hold back an orgasm, you will have to reduce sexual arousal, which can be achieved in different ways. The first and most likely to work involves thinking about something that does not relate, by any means, to sex.

It can be a book you have recently read, a painful event from your past, what you ate last night, or even when you have last seen your grandma. When your mind focuses on something else other than intercourse, you will be able to block the hormones generating the arousal, thus holding back your orgasm.

Another way to reduce sexual arousal is interrupting the stimulation your body is receiving from your partner.


A good example would be changing positions – this will prevent stimulation for a couple of seconds (maybe longer), which can slightly reduce arousal. Assuming that your intercourse has reached the point of penetration, you can always change what you are doing in order to interrupt the stimulation your body is receiving. For instance, you can stop the penetration, and start kissing your partner.

Reaching orgasm has much to do with your pelvic area. This means that, by tightening your pelvic muscles, you can delay your orgasm for a few minutes, or perhaps a bit longer.
To locate your pelvic muscles, do exactly what you do when you need to urinate, but are unable to do so: tighten those muscles that apparently prevent controlling the bladder from releasing its contents.



You will have to either tighten them for about five seconds at a time, or tighten them two seconds, release, and tighten them again.
It all depends on how strong your pelvic muscles are – if you are used to holding back your blade, they should be strong enough to allow you to successfully holdback the orgasm as well.

Even though both methods work, reducing sexual arousal is the most efficient, especially because it will prevent or counteract the stimuli your body is receiving during intercourse.

Depending on how much you want to delay it, you might need to, either change your focus and start thinking about something that does not relate to sex, or interrupt the stimulation your body is receiving.

We hope this has helped you in your quest to hold back your orgasm.

Please also remember always to keep calm and be safe.

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