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First Time Squirt

First Time Squirt

The topic of squirting or female ejaculation has been hotly debated for years. In the centuries leading up to the 20th and 21st centuries, it was considered common knowledge that women did, in fact, issue fluid during orgasm!

Now not all women will have a copious amount, and most women may never know that they do have some fluid ejaculate from their body during orgasm. The amount may be very small so that the female and her lover never notices or it may also be a quite generous amount.

When we talk about generous amount, we are actually talking about squirting or gushing.

Strange as it may seem this fluid has much controversy surrounding it. Some state it is a larger amount of lubrication from inside of the vagina, others claim it is a different fluid similar to seminal fluid in men. And then there are those that say the fluid is much like urine in consistency but unique, and finally there are those that dismiss the fluid as nothing more than urine!

What Some Studies Have Shown

Some studies have also shown conflicting information concerning the origin and chemical composition of the fluids.

Dye tests have found dye in urine of women (in a test) but not fluid ejaculated during orgasm which shows that the fluid in the test was not urine. Other tests using ultrasound have shown a fully empty bladder fill with a small amount of fluid right before orgasm and then empty.




Chemical tests have been just as inconclusive with some fluids in some tests being radically different from urine and still others being very similar but with no or low ammonia.

Regardless of how the ejaculate is created or where it originates from, squirting is a real phenomenon that is a normal part of the female orgasm.

Are you ashamed?

Too many women have felt ashamed of the sudden wetness during orgasm. Some so much that they try to avoid reaching climax. They believe they are actually urinating. And other women exposed to the idea of squirting feel as if they are inadequate if they do not gush during orgasm. The importance of understanding that nearly all women secrete different amounts of fluid cannot be stressed enough!

As discussed previously, some women may never ejaculate enough fluid to be shocked or assume they have lost control of their bladder which is what most women believe if they have never squirted.

They may experience significant wetness during or after orgasm, just not in a forceful ‘squirt’ or ‘gush’. That’s okay – every woman is different.

So let’s learn just how to have a more enjoyable, relaxed orgasm that is more likely to result in squirting.

Let’s learn just how to squirt:

For starters you will need to be relaxed and turned on.

To begin, spending time becoming aroused is important. This can involve foreplay, erotic stories, porn, or self-massage (or with a lover). The point is for the female to be as aroused as possible, eagerly on the edge of orgasm. This is when the right stimulation can result in the ‘right’ orgasm reaction.


Now reach inside of your vagina and start to stimulate your G-spot. The G-spot is located in the front wall of your vagina, directly behind the urethra. When aroused, the G-spot will be swollen and may have a slightly different texture then the rest of the vagina. Push the area, make a ‘come on’ gesture with the finger rubbing the G-spot or put constant pressure on it with a dildo or G-spot vibrator.

The resulting orgasm is more likely to result in a strong ejaculation of fluid, called squirting.
By using the finger of one hand to hold the labia (lips) open, this will allow any fluid to squirt instead of being held back by the labia and just seeping.

Please remember that practice makes perfect, the more this is practiced, the better the orgasm and resulting squirt will become.

So happy squirting and always remember to practice safe sex.

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