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Everything that you wanted to know about Lesbian sex toys but were afraid to ask

There are plenty of online and actual sex stores that sell lesbian toys, and whilst lesbian sex toys are certainly not a requirement of Lesbian sex, they can be used to heighten one’s sexual pleasure, to become more dominant, or simply to try out something totally different.

Now I am not saying that these are vital for all of your sexual encounters, but they are an option and guess what – very few lesbians actually know what options are available to them when using sex toys.

Do lesbians have sex & how?

lesbian sexLesbian sex questions seem endless and questions  like – “What does sex feel like as a Lesbian?”, to “How do we know when it’s over?”, are just some of the topics which are forever floating around either online or even at home.

So, would you not say that there is somewhat of a confusion over woman sex?

Is one person always the man?

lesbian sex toysNow this is a question which might well annoy some lesbians, however it is something which is asked a lot!
Lesbian sex however is very much like any other form of sex and you might well find that one partner loves the dominance, whilst the other loves being taken control of. Switching positions whilst using a strap on dildo is also something which is enjoyed by both partners, which only goes to show that there is a bit of dominance in all of us.

What type of toys do lesbians use?

I guess there isn’t really an answer to the best lesbian sex toys, except to say that the variety of double ended dildos and strap on dildos is huge and with so many choices, it will always come down to personal taste.

Why are lesbian sex toys proving so popular?

The first thing that we need to understand here is that a woman’s body has many different points of arousal that come into play during sex. All woman have, different sexual desires and boundaries and not all lesbian sex will be the same.

There are also a variety of body parts that can be very helpful during sex such as the tongue, fingers and even one’s knees, and these coupled with the use of some great sex toys, make for a true lesbian sexual experience.

Are dildos the same as penises?

Quite simply put – NO!
Just because two women in a relationship love using a double dildo, does not mean that they fancy men?

Some of answers speak for themselves!

It’s a whole different world and a whole different orgasm when I wear my strap-on. It makes me feel so sexy, but not like a man at all!

I just love sucking my girlfriends cock, but not because it reminds me of a man at all. The thing that really turns me on is how hard she comes as I suck her off!

When I use my penis dildo it’s not shaped like a penis, it’s shaped like the inside of my vagina and makes me come like nothing else.

Does the wearer get real pleasure from wearing a strap-on?

strap on dildo

100% – as the base of the dildo will press against the vulva, giving you plenty of stimulation and making you very wet.

With so many lesbian sex toys to choose from, the results and sexual pleasures seem endless.

Some of the top sexual positions used by Lesbians –

Magic Fingers

magic fingers

Adding a little bit extra to your finger power your partner will use her magic powers to stimulate your vagina and bring you to an amazing orgasm.

The non-giving partner just sits back, legs open wide and enjoys, whilst you climb on top of her and give her what she truly deserves.

Face to Face

A great position if you love watching your partner moan with sheer joy as you start exploring and penetrating her vagina.

Using a double ended dildo or two separate dildos, there will be nothing off limits here. Make sure you watch closely as her face shows signs of pain and pleasure all rolled into one.

Major Inspiration

You might well fight over who goes first here, however the inspiration that comes from your tongue will send your partner into seventh heaven.

She will be on her back, with her legs wide open and she will be totally in your control or should we say totally in the control of your tongue.

The Rocking Horse Position

The best sexual position when using your favourite strap on dildo.

Your partner who is lucky enough to receive will lie on her back with her legs wide open and pointed upwards.

At this point you will enter her and ensure that you allow your strap on dildo to explore and go as deep as possible.

And if you want things to get really tight, ensure the receiving partner places both her legs on your shoulder. This will allow for a much more intense and pleasurable experience.

The Scissoring Position

For some of us maybe quite confusing, but something that is much talked about.

The idea being that both partners will allow each other to spread open in the shape of scissors, thus ensuring that their vaginas meet and touch each other.

Now for those of us who might find this a bit difficult, another great position is an almost scissoring one, but with a double ended dildo joining both of your bodies together.

Achieve unbelievable orgasms as you both rock in unison and the dildo penetrates and excites the inner most walls of your vagina.

Stand & Be Counted

A great sexual position for you and your partner to experience whilst in the shower, or against a wall or even as a quickie in the kitchen before dinner.

The receiving partner stands in front of the giving partner and then it’s up to the giving partner to start pleasuring.

The possibilities are endless, and can include finders, tongues or a real favourite of ours – The Magic Wand.

Standing and ensuring that you keep to attention whilst your partner caresses your vaginal lips with a highly stimulating magic wand, takes real discipline.

Try it and see how long you can stand still?

With literally thousands of different positions out there and a real variety of lesbian sex toys readily available, it’s very hard to cover everything.
We can only hope however that you have come that step closer to finding your favourite dildo and to experiencing your favourite sexual position.

We hope you enjoyed this read and if you have discovered a new and exciting position, please feel free to place it in the comments box below!


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