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How to enjoy oral sex

How to enjoy oral sex

As you are reading this article, couples all over the world are in the middle of hot and passionate sex. But how many of them are actually indulging in the pleasures of or are practicing oral sex as a normal part of their between-the-sheets routine?

What Puts You Of Oral Sex?

Now there are several things that may well put you off oral sex. Perhaps you experience a feeling of disgust towards this type of sex, or maybe you find it way too shameful? Or maybe you have just never tried it? What do they say – don’t knock it until you have tried it!

Oral sex can be a real game changer during foreplay, specifically since it can stimulate your partners’ genital areas enough to increase their willingness, libido and bodily communication during the entire intercourse process. And believe it or not oral sex also plays a big part in bonding.

Imagine your partner touching your womanhood with his mouth? You loved his hands but boy oh boy what will happen when you gives you his tongue? Can you possibly describe the feeling you will be experiencing when this happens? Well the words ecstasy and seventh heaven spring to mind!

Truth be told, oral sex is entirely acceptable as long as both partners consensually agree to it. Most couples that are actively engaged in sexual activity will find oral sex a normal part of foreplay, unlike couples that aren’t.



Not practising oral sex?

The problem lies here in a lack of the understanding its benefits. When you perform oral sex on your partner, you will automatically get to know his or her sexual desires and sensitive spots much more than ever before. You will be able to provoke him or her with much more pleasure.

Furthermore, oral sex can easily help you get in the mood for having enjoyable sex, either normal or anal – and as stated above, this will arouse you enough to make you more willing and demonstrative in bed. We all know what happens when we become a bit more demonstrative?

But to carry out oral sex, you must want to really do this with your partner, and you both have to be in the mood. Inhibitions should be inexistent, and you must undoubtedly feel overly aroused in order to perform it well.

Oral sex doesn’t have to seem frightening.

Oral sex is now a definite accepted pleasure and believe you me, you will love it! When you are ready you will take what may seem like that big first step into the world of oral sex and you will never look back. So start today and enter a world of passion, arousal and oral sex!

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