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Is someone a little bit peckish?

Mixing food and sex together is a great idea. It’s sensual and seductive and brings a whole new meaning to eating in!

Our edibles come in the form of; deep throat sprays, jellies, underwear and body paint, to name a few.

Whatever the occasion we have the edibles to keep your stomach and your desires very satisfied.

Our edible underwear is very popular. The candy string bra’s and thongs, even cock rings branded by Candy are very affordable and really curb that sweet tooth. You can eat it off each other or even just have it as an after-sex snack. Either way it looks great and feels great.

If you are looking for something a little more novelty, maybe as a gift, take a look at our Sexy Jelly Men or Marshmallow Willies. These are perfect for a hen party or novelty gift for someone in your office.

If you are enjoying a date night with your partner, why not cook up some Penis Pasta with a luscious sauce. This is bound to set the mood and maybe even drop that subtle hint that desert is on the cards. If the main course hasn’t given your partner the hint that sex is on the cards, try some After Dinner Nipples or Willies!

Loveulicious stock a range of body paint, DONA Kissable Body Soufflé is an amazing desert you can literally lick off each other. This product would be perfect during foreplay, allowing you and your partner to pay attention to every single body part. You will discover a new sense of arousal whilst enjoying a delicious tasting paint.

Have you ever heard of deep throat spray or oral sex lotion? This is a brilliant invention that gives that extra something when performing oral sex. The lotion is a tasty liquid you pour onto the body and the amazing taste will really leave you wanting to spend as long as you can licking or sucking it dry. Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray us a genius deliciously flavoured invention that aims to desensitise your throat to elevate your gagging reflex, allowing you to take more of your partner.

Whilst on the subject of oral sex, there’s a fantastic selection of gummy treats to add to the act. Dick Lips Edible Gummy Cock Rings will leave you yearning to reach them, or even the Gummy Teeth Covers, just be careful not to bite down ;).

Seriously Delicious