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Have you discovered anal sex yet?

Why is it, that anal sex is such a taboo subject?

As consenting adults are we not allowed to decide what we can and cannot do? And if this is part of our sexual activity, who cares?

The problem here is that a lot of couples are either shy or don’t really understand the pros and cons of anal sex. And you know the good old saying – ignorance is bliss! So this leads us to the question: what is anal sex, and how can it bring you ultimate sexual pleasure?

So let’s make a start – anal sex refers to sexual activities that result in either an actual penis or a penis shaped dildo being inserted and thrusted into a woman’s or a man’s anus. Shocked? Well this is the breakdown and yes it does really happen!

Now besides the penis shaped dildo that we have just mentioned, anal sex can also be carried out using various other sexual toys which include anal beads, anal probes and butt plugs.

The other type of anal sex or foreplay, actually involves using fingers, hence the name anal fingering. This is a really popular choice amongst all couples and does enhance sexual activity. The only advice that we would offer to couples is this – use plenty of lubricant for a more pleasurable and a safer experience.

Now there are negatives to anal sex!

Anal sex can be very risky when you are exploring different or new partners. So consider using condoms whenever you and your partner decide to perform any type of anal sex. At the same time don’t think that just because you have sex with only one partner, that infection cannot occur? Be safe and enjoy!

Another negative is this – due to the fact that anal and rectal tissues do not provide natural lubrication as the vagina does, they are very much exposed to disease transmission, especially when lubricant is not used. So always remember to use plenty of lubrication and have a condom handy too.

Should we really get involved in anal sex?

Even though there seems to be a stigma attached to this, which shows that anal sex is more commonly associated with gay men, research now clearly shows that many lesbian couples, as well as heterosexual ones, are engaging in anal sex every day and loving it!

As long as both partners agree to it, anal sex is definitely an acceptable pleasure and should not be considered appropriate purely for gay couples. At the same time when performed using proper protection and lubricant, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable, making your intercourse more exciting and arousing whilst helping you reach climax a lot faster.

anal-sex-pain-1I am still unsure?

If you are not quite ready for real anal penetration, why not start by trying out various anal toys and lubricants. Let’s remember that anal sex or anal foreplay can be carried out with amazing pleasure by using such anal sex toys. You don’t always need the real thing.

So to summarise let’s remember that anal sex is not for everyone and we are in no way trying to influence you one way for the other. And yes some people will still feel quite afraid or maybe even disgusted by such thoughts, however there are still a lot of people and couples who make it part of their sexual plan and enjoyment.

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