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The Best Types Of Sex Toys For Men

The Best Sex Toys For Men

Just what are the best sex toys for men and what is it about men using sex toys? That first time that you decide to try out a sexual toy and are possibly hesitant? Look lets’ get one thing straight here – this is 2017, not 1944! Sex toys and especially male sex toys are very common and should not be frowned upon in any way.

When we think about men using sex toys, we might conjure up thoughts of plastic sex dolls and dark and dingy nightclubs packed with strange people. This is truly not the case and with the array of well-designed sex toys on the market, including designer sex toys, masturbation and self-enjoyment has become quite the norm.

For those of you who are taking the time out to read this article, let’s first look at exactly what types of male sex toys are out there and how to use them for the best results.

So just what are the best sex toys for men

It’s All About Choices For Men Using Sex Toys
Male sex toys come in basically three different styles or designs –

The Male Masturbator
This clearly does the job and is very much an individual toy, not designed for sharing. It is made from a highly pleasurable material and in some cases, looks just like a woman’s vagina. Saying that, not all hand-held masturbators are realistic in look or shape, but are designed merely to pleasure you and to make you achieve orgasm.

If we look at the various types of hand held masturbators out there, the Autoblow 2 Plus series is an extremely popular choice, with some men saying that these are designed to give you the best blowjob of your life. It comes with 3 different sized and interchangeable sleeves and can handle most girth sizes and most lengths.

Auto Blow 2

Auto 2 Plus Masturbator

Plus Series

Male Masturbator

Another extremely popular choice is the highly realistic and highly enjoyable pussy masturbator. The pussy masturbator is a super sexy pussy which is made of the most amazing material. A lot of them are designed in such a way as to stretch and accommodate you no matter what your size.

Bonnie Rotten

Pussy Masturbator

Squirt Me Please

Pussy Masturbator

Some pussy masturbators also come with a love tunnel which is also ribbed and will give you an amazing orgasm.

Male masturbators come in a range of sizes and prices, so that you can choose one according to your specific needs and price range. The more expensive ones are more sophisticated and more realistic, however if you are a little unsure about these amazing masturbators, a good choice would be the Cyber Stroke Pussy and Ass Masturbator, which will set you back about £20.00.

Using Male Masturbators for Best Results
To achieve top orgasms from your male masturbator, always make sure that you are happy with your choice and that the device turns you on. This could be in the form of looking at a great pussy or feeling how the masturbator plays and caresses your penis. Ensure that the device is clean and that any batteries that are required are in full working order.

Cyber Stroker Pussy & Arse Masturbator

male masturbator

Next Come the Sex Dolls

This type of male pleasure toy, has been made specifically for someone who wants the pleasures of sex and at the same type needs that feeling of comfort from a human like doll. Amazingly enough, if you are willing to dig deep and spend a bit more money, you will find that the upmarket sex dolls are quite something else. They are built with real working parts and have been designed to not only make you feel sexually satisfied, but also to make you feel like you are not alone.

The first sex doll that we will talk about, and one that is clearly our favourite, is the Tiffany Inflatable Life Like Love Doll.

Tiffany Love Doll

Tiffany Love Doll

Stunning Love Doll

This love doll has slender hips, and the most amazing and highly realistic pussy. It really does feel and look like the real thing! She also has an amazing ass and highly realistic anus. The other thing that she does, is to produce the most amazing sounds and just at the right times too!

The other sex doll which is worth a mention is the Foxy Roxy Love Doll. This sexy lady has serious life like features and comes with a very inviting and super-hot anus, firm breasts and a luscious vagina. She is also highly affordable at only £25.99.

Say Hello To Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy Love Doll

So, as I am sure you have now gathered, female sex dolls are a real treat and can give you hours of enjoyment and some serious sexual pleasures. They are well designed, easy to look after and will never let you down.

Using A Sex Doll for Superb Results
Ensure that your sex doll is well oiled. Most sex dolls now come with free lubrication – use it – thus allowing for easy and comfortable penetration. At the same time make sure that your sex doll is clean and that all parts are functioning well.

And when looking at the best sex toys for men, we cannot leave out –

The Penis Ring or Cock Ring
Penis rings are used by gay and straight men alike. They are designed for either self-gratification, or to be used with your partner. Penis rings come in different shapes and sizes and have different functions.

For example, you can use a penis ring as a means of restricting the blood flow to the penis, thus delaying orgasm. This is done to allow your partner more time to enjoy and to stop premature ejaculation.

You also get penis rings with build in vibrators, which not only stimulate your penis, but will also stimulate your partner, whether male or female.

Penis rings or cock rings are very much a big part of any sexual act and are there to be used alone or to share with your partner.

If we look at penis rings and try to pick that perfect friend, the Tri 3 Ring Cock Cage is definitely worth mentioning. You will triple your pleasure with this baby. Once on this will apply pressure to the scrotum, testicles and penis shaft, thus preventing premature ejaculations and at the same time lengthening and increasing your erection.

tri cock cage

Tri 3 Ring Cock Cage

As we have already mentioned, penis rings can be great when used with your partner and a couple’s favourite has to be the 3 Way Double Dolphin Blue Penis Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet! Quite a mouthful, but at the same time quite a sexual treat for both him and her.
With amazing 3-way arousal, this enhancer slips superbly over the penis to add girth and support. The 3-speed stimulator may also be used for foreplay the pleasure nubs provide that little bit extra.

3 Way Double Dolphin

Blue Penis Sleeve

Using Your Penis Ring for Maximum Pleasure
Make sure that your penis ring fits properly thus ensuring that there are no accidents. Most penis rings come with instructions, however if you are still unsure, there are loads of free online videos, showing you exactly how to fit that perfect penis ring.

To Conclude

Men using sex toys is as you can now see, no big issue at all. Maybe you will now realise exactly how you, either have been or are missing out? Don’t feel ashamed or uncomfortable in any way about using sex toys. They are designed to help you fulfil all of your sexual needs and may in some cases help you better understand your sexual desires.

We all have various sexual urges and if you are at the stage in your life where you either don’t have a partner, or wish to experiment with your partner, now would be a good time to explore and to discover exactly what are the best sex toys for men.

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