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The Best Selling Sex Toys For Gay Men

Best Selling Sex Toys For Gay Men

Are you stuck when it comes to choosing that perfect sex toy? Perhaps both you and your partner agree on the type, but are not too sure about the actual product?

We have looked at various products and have reviewed numerous. We finally came up with what we agreed are the best-selling sex toys for gay men.

Before we start, can we just say that these reviews are totally unbiased and are purely the opinions of our sex toys reviewers. The purpose behind any review is for you to look, explore, and make your own mind up.

But before we start, let’s remember that safety and comfort should always come first

Anal sex whether alone or with your partner, should be a real turn on and with minimal pain or discomfort. Applying an anal cream just before you start is always highly recommended.

gay anal creams
anal lube cream

Our Anal Eze Gel Lubricant is a super product and will allow you maximum discomfort. Try to incorporate this into your routine for a better anal experience all round.

Preparing For Your Anal Sex

So what about anal preparation?

No one wants accidents to occur whilst in the throws of anal sex. The best way forward is always to be prepared, and that’s where an anal douche will come in very handy. This is a great way of cleaning yourself up, preparing yourself for a night of sex with your partner, and avoiding any embarrassing situations.

Bad Kitty Intimate Shower Anal Douche

The Bad Kitty Intimate Shower Anal Douche comes with 3 different shaped attachments.
1 curved, 1 arrow shaped and 1 twisted.
They all have 2 openings that are 4.5″ in length.
By mixing them up you get different sensation while douching, a win win situation.
Capacity: 100ml. Materials; ABS rubber.

anal douche
3 sizes anal douche

We will be exploring three different avenues when it comes to anal pleasures and anal sex

The first being – playing with your Prostate or P spot!

Now a super prostate massager which is my favourite 2 in 1, has to be the Fantasy C-Ringz Rock Hard Ass-Gasm Prostate Massager.

The Rock Hard Ass-Gasm is a ring of dreams when it comes to orgasmic ecstasy.
It slips over your penis easily and thanks to its smooth silicone construction it fits like a glove. Not only that but it pushes your erection to a level of hardness, strength and girth you have never before experienced and at the same time stimulating your P spot like never before. Amazing satisfaction is yours for the taking whenever you use this super 2 in 1 toy.
As you can see from the images below – this definitely is a real 2 in I anal experience.

prostate massager
p spot

Next on the agenda are Butt Plugs

Now these anal toys are a real favourite amongst our gay community and are especially popular for sharing and experimentation.

If you are new to butt plugs and are worried about obvious things like pain and size for the correct insertion, then a great way to start is with a training kit.

Let’s take a look at the Renegade Pleasure Plug 3pc Trainer Kit

Your training will start today with the Renegade Pleasure Plug Trainer Kit.
It comes with three varied sizes of sturdy, tapered plugs, and provides a safe and enjoyable way for you to expand your sexual horizons. This is the perfect way to explore your butt and to start enjoying anal sex.

butt plug

It is also made from a sleek and odourless TPE and the plugs flare into a steadfast suction cup and can also be used with all lubricants.

For the more hardened anal player and one who enjoys deep invasion
we would thoroughly recommend –

The Invasion Hollow Silicone Large Anal Plug

This darkly sexy anal plug has a thrilling feature that allows unrestricted access to your innermost areas. The hollow plug is made of a semi rigid, premium silicone material that is soft enough to enjoy while staying strong enough to keep them spread open and ready.
The flared base and tapered tip keeps it in place, even during vigorous use.
It measures 5.25 inches in total length, 4.5 insertable length, and 2.15 inches in diameter.
It is made from a silicone material and is 100% safe.

best selling toys for gay men
best selling gay sex toys

Next On Our List – is the Sono No.11 6 Inch Transparent Butt Plug

This butt plug is a must have for everybody who loves backdoor pleasure.
We have developed this product with hygiene and health in mind.

Because of its texture and form its easy to insert.
It is also recommended to use a little lubrication and because of its tail, it can be released with ease.

Let these alluring plugs give ultimate satisfaction and enhance your sex life like never before!

Moving on to some fisting fun

This is heavy metal at it’s best!

The Heavy Metal Commander Fist Butt Plug

Now for those of us who fancy some out of the box fun, you will need to try out this Commander Fist Butt Plug. This baby packs a mean punch and is forged out of glistening metal and offers a look and feel that speaks of unsurpassed quality.
This amazing and highly sexed fist is a scaled down version of the original full-sized plug, however you will still get that hefty weight and luxurious feel of smooth, solid metal, playing with your butt and massaging you to an amazing state of pure ecstacy, only just in a smaller version.

The flared base keeps the butt plug in place, and the ridges and curves will offer exciting stimulation once it is inside.

The nonporous material is ideal for temperature play, and offers an allergy safe, lube compatible, and phthalate free toy for anyone interested in taking command of their anal ecstasy. A true sexual experience for anyone!

But don’t take our word for it – have a quick look at these amazing snaps and then decide for yourself?

That brings our reviews of the best selling sex toys for gay men to an end!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading these reviews!
Remember that the best way forward is to experiment and to see what works best for you?

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