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Best exercises for penis growth

What are the best exercises for penis growth?  

A large number of men appear to be dissatisfied with the size of their penis.  Either it’s a case of not having the right length or maybe the girth is just not there!

A common reason for a man’s desire to get a bigger penis is due to him not being unable to get his female partner to reach orgasm and climax.

Several studies have also shown that due to the vast amount of pornographic content online showing men with large penises, men have been almost indoctrinated into believing that a larger penis will attract the best partner.
We are led to believe that he bigger you are the more sexual activity you will have. This is not always the case however, and it is more of a mental problem than a physical one.

As a result of this idea of getting a larger penis, men can spend many hours researching this and can also land up throwing away hundreds of pounds on products that are totally inefficient and that will never give them the result that they are after.

There are however certain natural male enhancement techniques that can help you in achieving your desired size.

In this article we will go through various methods and show you a few common exercises you can do at home in order to enlarge your penis successfully in just a matter of weeks.

Please remember though that every man is different and some will react better than others.

Let’s start with a basic stretching exercise

This is the first exercise on our list and is the basic stretching exercise –

1. Make an “okay” sign with the fingers right underneath the tip of your penis, pulling it away from your body.
2. Hold this position for no longer than ten seconds, then release.
3. You can repeat this exercise a few times, but the entire routine should not last longer than five minutes, seven at most.

According to a 2010 randomized study, over 54 of participants managed to increase the length of their members by 0.7 inches after three weeks of actively performing this basic stretching exercise.

The rest experienced an increase of only 0.4 inches, which happened one month after starting to perform it.

The next exercise is called the Wet Jelq

The wet jelq is not as efficient as the stretching exercise above, but it has been reported to help men achieve a penis that was a bit thicker after an indefinite amount of time, which varied depending upon each man’s individuality.



To perform the wet jelq you will need to do the following –

1. Make an okay sign with one of your hands around your penis, which should be partially erect for this exercise to work.
2. Milk the blood of your penis from the base towards the head.

Now even though you can do it with your skin perfectly dry, you should always try to rub a slight amount of lubrication into the base of the penis, as this exercise might be a little painful otherwise.

And last but by no means least we have the Spinning Method

The spinning method and is a variant of the first exercise we listed – the stretching exercise.

To perform it –

1. Grip your penis around the head, and stretch it away from your body.
2. The next step involves putting a stress on your penis – twirl it in a circular manner in order to allow various angles of your penis to be stressed.
3. Do this for no longer than one minute, and repeat the routine three times.

It is important to remember that you need to perform these exercises on a regular basis in order to achieve any result.

Please remember that although the studies mentioned above can be partially efficient, results are never guaranteed!
A lot depends on the individual and how they take to the particular exercise.

We are not saying that the above won’t work! You need to try these exercises out and see for yourself.

And remember that no promises are made in this article.

Just some useful and hopefully good advice.

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