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Is Anal Sex Pleasurable?

Speak to people about this and you will receive a very mixed bag of thoughts about this subject. A lot of people think that it is immoral and is totally the wrong idea. But here is the thing. A second opinion definitely shows that degradation, destruction and pain are actually fun and are all great ideas! So just like Marmite, when it comes to anal sex you will either hate it or love it?

Is anal sex fun?

One of the reasons why women enjoy being “banged up” from behind is because it feels so amazing. It provides a totally different sensation from what they are used when experiencing vaginal sex. The feeling of a penis entering a woman’s anus can feel almost alien to her, thus exciting her even more. This is what makes the act all the more intriguing!

Mix playing with the clitoris, along with anal play and the woman will jump into the next stratosphere. So as you can see, with the help of anal toys it is easier for women to achieve orgasm from anal sex.

Can anal sex bring about intense passion?

Anal sex, when carried out in the correct manner, can be the most stimulating sexual act ever. It involves a highly arousing sensation and will lead to intense pleasures enjoyed by both parties. And with the warmth of each other’s bodies along with the arousal that the penis brings, it can be even more exciting.

Is anal sex naughty?

If truth be known, there is no woman who does not dream of playing the naughty girl in a sexual act. This partly explains why people love handcuffs and school uniforms. It is forbidden, which makes it all the more tempting and delicious. You can do it secretly without anybody knowing apart from you and your partner. This is actually part of the reason why anal sex can be fun. Doing it for the first time with your partner will also give you a true bonding experience.

Let’s now look at the problems with anal sex.

anal-sex-pain-or-pleasureIt is or can be painful

The rectum isn’t really meant to have things going into it, and that’s why anal sex can really hurt, unlike the vagina which is flexible and can stretch to take in whatever type of penis you may have. A rectum however, doesn’t have this flexibility and if you don’t prepare properly for this, your partner can suffer badly.

Is anal sex messy?

Yes by the pure nature of the act, anal sex can be messy. The best way to prevent anything happening is to prepare for it. So make sure that you clean yourself very well. There are a lot of products out there that do just that.

Can you have an orgasm with anal play?

You can indeed and attaining an orgasm with anal stimulation can be a mind-blowing experience. The blissful sensation does not just come from stimulating the outer anus, which tends to be chock-full of nerve endings, but it gives you throbbing pleasure from deeper penetration. To give her multiple orgasms from anal play, it is important to void and cleanse the anus, so as we have already mentioned, make sure your partner is clean. The next step would be to get him or her sufficiently aroused as without proper arousal, it can be a painful and an uncomfortable experience for your partner.

Getting the right tools is also crucial

Your hand is the one tool you want to put to good use as fingering her can cause great stimulation. Other great tolls to look at in anal play, include anal dildos and butt plugs. Butt plugs look pretty much like a dildo but has a base that prevents it from getting entirely up your anus and so you can enjoy anal without having to worry about the device going to deep.

Anal sex – a conclusion

After reading this article I am sure you will gather that anal sex is practised widely and that the because it is the forbidden fruit in a lot of cultures, it makes it all the more pleasurable. It is real fun if done correctly and if you have a burning desire to try this out, you need to make sure that you make the first experience as pleasurable as possible so that you allow for repeat performances. Use the right tools and lubricants and always be safe.

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