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Do we always practice safe sex

Do We Always Practice Safe Sex?

Let’s face it folks, we should always practice safe sex, as this is the way great relationships can blossom. But as I am sure you will agree, not everyone is totally honest when it comes to practicing safe sex.

Our Biggest Issue

The biggest concern about safe sex is that younger people are not doing so. It is estimated that nearly half of all people in the country don’t practice safe sex. This number is especially alarming in younger people as about a quarter of our teenage population that has engaged in sex over time has not actually used safe sex measures. That is, these people are not using condoms or any other forms of protection!

Alarming News!

This is quite alarming and it can make it a lot easier for people to develop STDs at a younger age. It could also prove to create serious physical harm over a period of time. And we only have to look at how STD numbers in the United States are on the rise to realise that this is a true problem. The American Journal of Medicine has even gone as far as to say that at least half of all Americans will be impacted by STDs at some point in their lives. A majority of people who do develop STDs will develop HPV or Chlamydia. And in the worst case scenario some people could even develop HIV.

It’s All About Safe Sex

One interesting aspect about safe sex is that we’re clearly more likely to engage in it as we age. It’s been reported by the University of North Carolina that around half of all sexually active people will contract STDs before they reach 25 years of age. This is around the time in one’s life when a person is more willing to experiment and isn’t necessarily going to focus on safe sex.

But Do We Practise Safe Sex?

The big reason why we don’t always practice safe sex is because we often think it is just plain inconvenient. You don’t want to waste time with getting all that stuff ready for safe sex, right? You might think that you can go by without having to get lots of condoms ready or spermicidal lubricants among other things. However, the truth is that sometimes a little bit of extra effort is required to actually have a better sexual experience.

We often decide to just leap in, however if you actually practice safe sex and prepare for it then you will be more likely to hit the spot when you’re in the act. In short, you’re not only physically protecting yourself and your partner but it will also be a little easier for you to concentrate on sex and to make it all work out right.

So as I am sure you can now see, there is a strong need to ensure that you work harder to practice safe sex if you are going to have a better relationship.
Safe sex is practiced not only to satisfy you and your partner but to also protect yourself from serious harm.

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