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A history of hosiery

A history of hosiery

Welcome to the world of hosiery. Hosiery as we all well know, constitutes a fashionable and attractive part of every woman’s wardrobe – whether we talk about everyday outfits or sexually revealing outfits, hosiery can be a great way to spice up your sex life, getting that sexy look and at the same time increasing your partner’s sexual awareness.

a-hostory-of-hosiery1Stockings come in many styles and sizes and one type of hosiery known as Opaque stockings, are an excellent option for enhancing an elegant outfit. Another popular option is fishnet or lace stockings which constitute a great way to look sexy and provocative.

Ancient times

The first references to hosiery date back to ancient times, and they can be found in several works of Hesiod, specifically because Romans are believed to have used such garments to cover their lower body. Egyptians are also another civilization that is said to have worn hosiery, as socks have been identified in many tombs. However, hosiery was popular mostly during the 1800’s and early 1900’s, when women were wearing opaque stockings that were supported by suspenders (elastic stockings are a more recent trend).

An understanding

When talking about hosiery, we are referring to the many types of stockings out there, ranging from fishnet stockings to opaque, lace, fence, net, sheers and many other types. If you are wondering which type of hosiery to use to make your intercourse more romantic and more exciting, the choice will really come down to a personal preference and what you think will best make your partner excited.

sexy girl in stockingsLet’s look at a few examples

Lace stockings can be a great option if you want to inspire femininity, purity and elegance. They also have an air of sexiness that no one can deny.

The same goes for opaque stockings, which can be successfully worn on a daily basis, along with a suitable dress and shoes. Opaque stockings can be worn with sexy costumes during intense sexual intercourse.

Fishnet stockings are recommended mostly for fetish clothing, since they can turn on your partner and give you that absolute sexy look and with colours ranging from black to white, red or pink, hosiery constitutes a great opportunity for women who feel bold enough to wear these pieces of sexy clothing, this looking highly provocative, but still very feminine at the same time.



So to sum up

Hosiery is a big part of a ladies wardrobe and a bigger part of any sexual relationship. Wearing sexy stockings or garters just before intercourse or even during intercourse can be a huge turn on. Let’s not also forget that sexy hosiery plays a big part of adult foreplay and will allow for passion and romance both in and out of the bedroom.

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