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5 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Your Sex Doll

When you think of a sex doll, what visions come to mind? Is it perhaps a cold piece of plastic that makes you feel rather odd, or is it just a fun device, used for stag parties or for silly interludes in the bedroom?

Now if you are reading this and are based in the UK, perhaps one thing that would spring to mind, when we talk about sex dolls, is that famous scene from “Only Fools & Horses”. That classic moment when Dell Boy discovered that his prize sex dolls where dodgy, and started exploding in his flat! Just another fangled idea that went wrong? Maybe, but even all those years back, sex dolls were selling and were a popular sexual toy.

Now moving forward, a sex doll, is nothing like what it used to be! Technology and creativity has taken over and your sex doll that can be purchased online, is far more real then you could ever imagine. Manufacturers of sex dolls have left nothing out.

The hair that they use is real hair. The sexual orifices, that are put in place are made from a very high quality material. They look and feel just like the real thing. Even the nipples feel very real and are designed to be sucked and bitten for full sexual satisfaction.

how to enjoy your sex doll

But why would we want to purchase a doll for sex and how can we enjoy our new sex doll?

The psychology behind this is simple and yet at the same time runs very deep. A lot of us have a great sexual need and this can go far beyond being with a human being. There is of course another side to this, namely that we cannot or don’t have the time to get involved with another sexual partner. A lot of us lead very busy lives and feel that urge for sex, but not with a real live human being! Does this seem odd to you? Well it shouldn’t be as more and more of us are now turning to sex dolls.

So much so that Europe’s first sex doll brothel has just opened in Barcelona. You can pay up to $127 to have a sexy experience with the sex doll of your choice! They will give you mouth and you can also do anal with them. So, as you can see, a sex doll is no longer a weird and odd sex toy anymore.

Moving Forward

For those of us who want to truly enjoy a sex doll and savour the moment, we have put together this detailed and enjoyable report on 5 amazing ways to enjoy your new sexual partner. So, let’s make a start…..

Types of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have been designed in such a way as to suite your exact needs and wants. A lot of us don’t want a full size or life like doll, and that’s all perfectly acceptable, as you can now get dolls that only consist of a sensual and sexy face, with an open mouth, designed specifically for oral sex. The mouth is shaped just like the real thing and once inside, it will bring you to a real state of sexual frenzy.

sex doll

And if that doesn’t quite meet your needs and wants, you can purchase other style dolls which are built purely around a woman’s genitals, with full access to her front and her behind. Yet again the rear and front entrance is tight enough to feel like the real thing, but at the same time is sensual enough to get you going.

After reading this you should now begin to realise that no matter what doll you land up choosing, the sexual functionality and the sexual satisfaction of these dolls are all there and work amazingly well.

Even the old-fashioned blow up dolls, which look like something you would take on a stag do, still function very well and whilst they might be more work, and might require more looking after, they are still very popular.

Choosing That Perfect Doll

Ok, so let’s look at all the choices and explore the different types of dolls.

We all know that sex is a very personal thing and that we all have different tastes and fancies, so when choosing your doll, ensure that you understand exactly what it that you are after?

Are you someone who loves the older lady?

Granny dolls make great sexual partners and with the skin and design of the older lady, this will be right up your street. The range of granny dolls is great and you will find what you are looking for. Granny dolls make great lovers and carry with them a wealth of experience.

how to use your sex doll

Perhaps you are after that sexy mom?

Some of us love those hot and sexy older mums, and the MILF range satisfies all your older lady needs. These types of dolls include not only mums, but also the well-endowed and well-presented older ladies.

milfBig tits and that feeling of a larger woman being all over you, is something that truly excites a lot of men.

The other type of doll that is very popular is the one that looks and feels just like that sexy, slender and well defined super model that you have always wanted, but up till now haven’t had? The range includes famous porn stars as well as famous actresses and again you will find that these sexy ladies will satisfy your exact needs.

And last but by no means least, we have your Asian or Caribbean lady to keep you happy. Again, the choice is there and some of the Indian love dolls are quite amazing, with full working parts and satisfaction guaranteed!

What Sexual Orientation Do I Go For?

We have spoken up till now about female sex dolls, but what about male love dolls? Have you ever tried one before and do you know what you are missing?

Male love dolls come in a whole range of styles and desires and you can choose, between a fireman or a tasty black dude, to get you going. Male sex dolls amongst gay men are a huge winner and are even used as part of their sexual play with their partner.

What Sexual Positions Can I Try?

The possibilities are endless!
Your sex doll which has just arrived and which is ready to please you, is basically at your beck and call. Sexual positions are endless and the great thing about a sex doll, is that if you are up for experimenting, you won’t get any hassle as the doll doesn’t experience any pain.

That’s not to say that you should destroy your doll! But if you feel like giving him or her a quick one, whilst you are in the kitchen, cooking that perfect meal, well what a great supplement? They do say that food and sex mix. All that’s left here is for you to try it.

If you are worried about possibly breaking your doll whilst trying out a new position, check what the weight allowance is of your new doll. And if you do intend lying on top of him or her, be careful that you don’t break your new sexual toy!

Keeping My Doll Clean

Just like any sexual device, you will need to keep your doll clean as a clean doll makes for a happier you. Now cleaning your doll is easy and depending on what type you have, will depend of how you keep it clean. A lot of dolls now come with removable vessels which can be very easily cleaned using hot soapy water. Please remember that cleanliness is vital, especially if you are sharing your sex doll with your partner.

You can also buy various sex toy cleaners from any reputable online sex toys shop, which will also allow you to always keep your doll clean.

We hope that after reading this informative and somewhat thrilling article, you will realise that sex dolls can and will make great sexual partners. They might not speak back, but they will pleasure you!

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